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Employee Benefits

Explore all options to bring you the best benefits at the best price in any location and for any company size.


Ensure that your group health insurance plans are compliant with all state and federal regulations.


Utilize free technology to ensure accuracy and increase productivity with benefits administration and HR software that makes it easy for our clients to enroll and manage their polices.


Reduce data entry time and improve data integrity by integrating a payroll provider with our benefit admin software.

Do you want to provide Group Health Insurance and other benefits such as Dental, Vision, Disability, Life Insurance and Retirement Accounts to your employees?

We serve employers with 2-250 employees. Let’s join forces today and give your employees the best benefits at the best price!

Group Benefit Challenges:

With the rising cost of Healthcare, you need to be sure that you have the most competitive rates to keep the best policies in place for your employees.

With all the options, both new and old, you can be sure you found the policy that best fits your group.

Adhere to ERISA and ACA compliance regulations to avoid stiff penalties

Administrative burden on owners and HR personnel.

Our Solutions:

We pursue both ACA and Self-Funded plans to find you the most competitive prices.

We work with top rated companies with great reputations.

We educate you on compliance requirements and ensure your plan meets the standards!

We offer free support and an online enrollment and management system. All your benefits are in one place and we can even integrate with your current payroll provider!

Sally McPherson

Sally has been in the insurance business for 8 years, most of which has been spent as a partner at USA Health Plans, which specializes in Group, Individual and Medicare plans nationally. Sally manages the Group sector of the business.

Sally has been a CPA since 1983 and began her insurance experience in 2013 by working for Advanced Estate & Tax Planning Strategies, LLC and participating in wealth transfer, estate planning and insurance to include several premium financing cases.

Prior to joining the company, she served as a Financial Team lead at RDA Systems, providing support and training to clients as well as management of the team members. Before RDA, she ran her own fitness company for several years, while doing tax preparation and bookkeeping on the side.

Personal Info:

Early in her career, she served as the Accounting Systems Coordinator at Columbian Chemicals, a Senior Staff Accountant at Rich’s Department Stores and a Financial Systems Representative at Prentice Hall Software. She also earned her Certified Public Accounting designation in 1983.

BS from Bentley University with a degree in Accountancy.

Married to Ted Officer. CFP.

Primary hobbies are travel, hiking, cooking, and reading.

Raised 3 children and cherish the years spent with them. Significant volunteer work in the classroom as well as chair of Multi-Cultural Arts Committee and School Advisory Council.

Employee Benefits

Group Dental Insurance

Group Dental Insurance is an inexpensive way for employers to have an impact on the health of their employees.

More research is coming out linking dental health to overall health!

Group Vision Insurance

Did you know that Tumors, Cancer, Diabetes, and many other medical conditions can be diagnosed via an eye exam?

Providing Group Vision Insurance will encourage your employees to get frequent checkups which quite literally could save their life.

Group Disability Insurance

People often vastly underestimate the danger of losing your income due to a short or long-term disability. Almost 50% of home foreclosures are due to a disability. 

Protect your employees by offering group disability.

We can provide individual policies too!

Group Life Insurance

Group Life Insurance is an inexpensive benefit that can have a big impact on your employees life.

40% of Americans have no life insurance at all. You can ensure that your employees’ families will not be left to pay final expense costs on their own.

Advanced Business Planning

Business Valuations

Would it help your business plan for the future by knowing the value of the business?

We can provide a professional business evaluation at no cost!

Key Man

Key Man insurance is life insurance purchased by the company on a valuable employee’s  life.

The purpose of this insurance is to help a company survive the sudden loss of an integral employee.


A buy-sell agreement is a legal arrangement between business owners where they agree to buy each other’s shares upon a triggering event such as death, disability, or retirement.


"Very friendly, thorough and responsive so glad I found them to care for my Health Insurance!"

- Susan C.
"Ted and Sally along with all their staff are a joy to be involved with! They are super knowledgeable and helpful with any insurance needs you may needs! Highly recommend!"
- Kali S.
"We appreciate you. This whole process is so frustrating, it is a relief to have somebody we can call and who actually will be available to either answer the phone or respond to an email. So Thank You."
- Anneke S.

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