One option for Georgians is Kaiser health insurance.

Kaiser Permanente is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plans. It is not available nationwide, but instead is available in several different regions. One of these regions is the Atlanta, Georgia area. Kaiser health insurance’s company’s headquarters is in California. Kaiser health insurance is a very unique type of health insurance. Physicians are responsible for all medical decisions.

Kaiser Permanente came about during World War II, when many people could not afford medical care. Kaiser health insurance was one of the first plans to come about that included prepaid health plans, and the use of physicians’ group practices in order to improve patient care. Another emphasis of Kaiser health insurance is its focus on prevention and wellness, not just medical treatment of illnesses. Another important innovation that Kaiser health insurance has brought to the metro Atlanta, Georgia region is putting as many medical services as possible under one roof, in order to make medical care convenient and accessible to Kaiser health insurance members.

In Georgia, over a quarter of a million people are members of a Kaiser health insurance plan. There are many medical offices in the Atlanta area. Members can find general physicians, specialists, and even behavioral health providers all under one roof. And because of the unity of medical professionals encompassing Kaiser health insurance medical offices, all doctors have access to a patient’s medical records, contributing to a seamless and efficient sharing of information for continuity of care. Kaiser Permanente is one of the first to make use of Electronic Health Records in the U.S.

Now individuals who have Kaiser health insurance also have access to their medical records, and therefore can ask informed questions and be good consumers of medical services. It is important for patients to be educated about their own health concerns and treatment. Partly, this is because improved communication between patient and doctor helps to improve compliance with treatment, which in turns leads to better results and prognosis and healthy patients.

Another big thing that Kaiser health insurance is working on is using technology to promote health, and devise better treatment. There is a large research department that is part of Kaiser Permanente. A recent pilot program has focused on reducing cardiac deaths. This is one of the important programs that Kaiser health insurance is working on in order to help members.

The health reform changes are affecting Kaiser health insurance also. Kaiser Permanente has already started working to implement the new bills’ provisions, according to the set schedule, which means that some changes may start in a few months, while others will take effect in future years.

Recently, some in the media have pointed to Kaiser health insurance as being a good example of a health plan that the federal government may be able to use as they are developing a health plan for U.S. citizens. This is very positive feedback for Kaiser health insurance who strives to have a good health plan for its members.

So, when you are researching your health insurance plan needs, be sure to consider Kaiser health insurance, which many people already find to be a great, efficient type of health plan.



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