For more than 110 years, Time Insurance Company has maintained a solid reputation for high quality products, financial stability and a commitment to the health insurance industry. We offer a full range of Individual Medical consumer-driven products, including tax-advantaged Health Savings Accounts, as well as a portfolio of Small Group health plans. We are also the number one seller of temporary health insurance (Short Term Medical) in the United States. Providing health insurance to individuals, families and small employer groups, today Time Insurance Company is one of the nation’s leading health insurance carriers. As health insurance grows more complex and costly, Time Insurance Company is meeting the challenge by supporting agents in substantive ways:

  • Offering simplified, market-driven products that create value for clients
  • Providing cutting-edge tools that streamline the selling process
  • Supporting sales efforts with various comprehensive commission packages, featuring
  • Highest commissions in the industry
  • Annualized commissions on Individual Medical business
  • Weekly commissions with Electronic Funds Transfers
  • Flexible schedule based on production

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