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About Sally McPherson - Certified CPA

Sally has been in the insurance business for 8 years, most of which has been spent as a partner at USA Health Plans, which specializes in Group, Individual and Medicare plans nationally. Sally manages the Group sector of the business.

Sally has been a CPA since 1983 and began her insurance experience in 2013 by working for Advanced Estate & Tax Planning Strategies, LLC and participating in wealth transfer, estate planning and insurance to include several premium financing cases. Prior to joining the company, she served as a Financial Team lead at RDA Systems, providing support and training to clients as well as management of the team members. Before RDA, she ran her own fitness company for several years, while doing tax preparation and bookkeeping on the side.

About Group benefits

Group benefits are an important component to attracting and keeping valuable employees, especially since the onset of the Covid pandemic.
Why you should consult with us:
1. We are well equipped to guide you through the process of finding the plan design and insurance carrier that best suits your budget and needs
2. Our financial backgrounds ensure that we are well equipped to be sure you meet the compliance requirements associated with group benefit plans as well as maximizing the tax advantages available to the owner and employee.
3. Free Benefit administrative platform (EASE) which allows online benefit management of your group,
Schedule a call with a CPA to discuss your group health needs
Questions or need help with your current group plan.

Other Employee Benefits






It is important to comply with the various governmental agencies as it pertains to employee benefits as failure to do so can result in fines and penalties.

Department of Labor Notices

These employer required notices are provided on our online benefits portal to your employees.

ERISA Wrap Plan Document

This document is required if your business offers group medical benefits. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) requires plan administrators to give  participants and beneficiaries a Summary Plan Description (SPD) describing their rights, benefits, and responsibilities under the plan in understandable language. Failure to provide an SPD or plan document within 30 days of receiving a request from a plan participant or beneficiary can result in a penalty of up to $110 per day per participant or beneficiary for each violation. In addition, should you be audited by the Department of Labor and do not have a wrap document, it can result in a penalty of up to $161 per day (not to exceed $1,613 per request).

Section 125 Premium Only Plan

Employee premium contributions can be made pretax, which will save employees and employers a lot of money. This plan is simple to set up and is renewed annually. Failure to establish a plan while withholding premiums on a pretax basis may result in IRS penalties and fines.

No worries! We will assist you with this plan.

Cobra Administration

If you have at least 20 employees, full and part time, on more than 50 percent of your typical business days in the previous calendar year, you must offer Cobra coverage to your employees.

PCORI Fees (Patient Centered Outcome Research Institute

All self funded groups must file Form 720 with the IRS by October 1st each year and remit the fee.

1094/1095 Year End Tax Documents

These are documents that are provided to employees and the IRS at year end.

Other Compliance Requirements

Form 5500 for groups with over 100 employees.



USA Health Insurance has software’s for our groups to Enroll and Manage their employee benefits.

We also provide valuable HR software and other integrations that will make your life easier!

We offer Ease.com 100% free to our groups!

Ease makes it easy to enroll and manage your groups, all in one location online.

No more paper! It can also integrate with most payroll providers for an even more streamlined experience.

Technology Partners

ADP Workforce Now

About Ease & ADP Workforce Now

Ease and ADP Workforce Now? have partnered to make payroll and benefits easy for your groups. With this integration, your groups can eliminate duplicate data entry, seamlessly update employee records with demographic changes and benefit deductions, and easily maintain accurate payroll data.

About ADP Marketplace

ADP Marketplace is a digital HR storefront offering a collection of highly-rated HR solutions ready to seamlessly and securely connect and share data with the ADP platform. Clients can create their own highly customized, yet fully integrated HR ecosystem for their company, with the simplicity of single sign-on, single data input, and single billing.


About the Ease & Heartland Integration

Ease and Heartland have partnered to simplify payroll and benefits.

With this integration, your groups can eliminate duplicate data entry, seamlessly update employee records with demographic changes and benefit deductions, and easily maintain accurate payroll data.

New hire information, payroll deductions resulting from benefit additions or changes, and employee updates can be automatically pushed from Ease into Heartland Payroll with a click of the mouse.

About Heartland

Heartland Payroll partners with you to automate your HR workflow and strengthen your business. You get industry-leading customer care from a dedicated, U.S.-based specialist accountable for your satisfaction, meeting your payroll obligations accurately and protecting your bottom line. Choose from a comprehensive suite of product options designed to serve your HR needs and help you scale up.


About the Ease and Paylocity Integration

Make benefits and payroll easy for your groups that use Paylocity. With this integration, payroll and benefits are in sync with automated, daily, changes-only demographic files synced from Ease to Paylocity.

Enter new hires into Paylocity and the integration will automatically update Ease with new hire data.Deductions will flow over to Paylocity updating the employee?s payroll record with the appropriate benefit deduction. Open enrollment deductions for the new year are automatically loaded into Paylocity. Automated, daily, changes-only demographic files synced from Paylocity to Ease and daily deduction files synced from Ease to Paylocity

About Paylocity

Simplify payroll with intuitive, powerful cloud software that reduces administrative burden and puts real insight and analytics at your fingertips.

Headquartered just outside Chicago, Paylocity has revolutionized the marketplace for payroll and human resources professionals for more than 20 years. Founded in 1997, Steve Sarowitz built Paylocity on the basis of innovation in a stale industry. Today, with the guidance of CEO Steve Beauchamp, Paylocity continues to push the envelope not only for clients, but also for employees.

RUN Powered by ADP

About the Ease Integration for RUN Powered by ADP?

The Ease integration for RUN Powered by ADP combines two industry-leading systems to help your groups experience the optimal solution for benefits and HR. This integration brings your groups a streamlined employee setup process, synced payroll and benefits data, and automatic deductions.

ADP, the ADP logo, and RUN Powered by ADP are trademarks of ADP, Inc. or its affiliates or licensors. The information in this document was prepared by Ease and Ease is solely responsible for its accuracy and completeness. ADP makes no representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein.

About ADP Marketplace

ADP Marketplace, a digital HR storefront, allows employers to automatically integrate and securely share data between their HR systems with best-of-breed solutions from ADP? and third-party partners. Easily discover, try, buy and implement solutions to build a custom HCM ecosystem, all with the simplicity of single sign-on, single data input and single billing. Visit apps.adp.com to learn more.